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Music For His Glory Reaching Out Touching YOU Since 2005

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     A Vietnam era Veteran, with many years in Radio  as an entertainer and later in his career; National Promotions and Public Relations director for a huge Entertainment Company in Miami Florida and of course  D.J. at Secular Radio Stations throughout America. 

   Richard had a life changing experience in the 90's that planted him truly in the Light of Jesus Christ. Since that time he has dedicated himself totally to His Ministry.  As Richard Puts It; "I let the Christian music speak for it self" thus the name MusicForHisGlory "I'm only the vessel used to Glorify the name of Jesus".   Richard created THE WORLDS RADIO STATION  on the internet that covers  every country in the world including China.


   Christian Radio has come a long way since its beginning in the late 60's in-fact today it's considered main stream in American Radio. Music For His Glory is exactly what its name implies Richard Promises It will Bless YOU.