I sense your love Father I know our Spirit lives on after we die. I know this life on earth is to create a character in us to advance us to be closer to You to get to know who You really are. What a ride it is! You've shown me Your love and I respect You immensely and love You back Father. I am your friend and I know You are my friend. Thank You for letting me see Your Glory Father. Since that time I have never been the same and as a human I would not have the patience to wait for someone like me but YOU did. Oh God, Creator who forgives, God of Love, The Great I Am.


Our Creator feels sorry for us because He knows with all the evil on this earth it's very hard to learn who He is and very easy to lean away from Him. We must want to get to know him and sometimes it takes a tragedy in our lives, a sudden shock to bring us to Him. We must learn and believe we were created and He has made it so. I can even see in my kids and even my pets, yeah my pets how much they trust in me to take care of them, sometimes I feel sorry for them and I think; oh my Father how I understand Your patience and love for us what a Father we have in You. Just so you know most of my life I had a hard time with the Jesus thing in fact; I got the T-shirt in non-belief that is Until That Day!

Our Creator is in you too and HE"S Waiting.

                                                            Richard Bailey





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